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Who most wants your product?

Don't jump to conclusions

Most marketers identify a target market too early and never look back.  They miss other and perhaps better opportunities simply because they never look for them.

Did you know, for example, that  less than 2% of the US population suffer from celiac disease or have a wheat allergy and require a gluten-free diet, yet nearly 20% of all consumers bought at least one gluten-free product in 2009?  If you only looked at consumers requiring gluten-free products you'd miss 90% of the market!

How Skuuber finds your market

With our N=1500 option, Skuuber surveys the entire US consumer market to find your best consumers profiled by their demographic characteristics. 

We recently did work on a beverage designed for upscale, college educated, suburban women 18-34 who shopped in natural foods outlets.  While the product was suitable for them, we discovered that African American and Hispanic urban consumers were 250% more likely to try the brand and wanted to buy it in supermarkets and convenience stores.

Talk about an eye-opener!

Find the bullseye in your marketing target

Unless you ask, you may never know where your best opportunity, the lowest hanging fruit, exists.  This is no place for a hunch.  You need to know which demographic profiles represent your best prospects and which channels consumers are mostly likely to associate with your product.  Our N=1500 option lets you see demographic and geographic hotspots of opportunity.

Consumer Demographics

With our N=1500 option, your Skuuber Report includes a HotSpot Chart of demographic strengths and weaknesses concerning trial intent, uniqueness and value-for-money ratings.  You can validate your existing target marketing strategies against actual consumer results.  You can also find additional, perhaps even better, consumer targets and re-cast your launch plan accordingly. 

Channel Management

You will also gain valuable insight into the types of channels consumers would expect to carry your item.  While you probably have very specific channels in mind, this can be an eye-opener to additional, perhaps even better, opportunities to create logical distribution for your item.