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Rick Hill is the Founder and CEO of Skuuber, LLC and has spent over 30 years in the consumer goods and services industry.  Credentials include a Cornell Economics degree, Wharton MBA, General Mills, PepsiCo, Popeye’s, Barq’s, Royal Crown Companies, Interpublic Group/MCA, National Beverage, Hewlett-Packard and  MillerCoors.

Rick has had direct responsibility for launching hundreds of consumer product new items, line extensions, product improvements and package promotions in the CPG foods, foodservice, snack food, beverage, consumer technology and marketing services industries.

Rick has been recognized as an Ad Age top 100 marketer, recipient of PROMO Magazine’s Super Reggie Award, Brammy Award and a Clio Finalist.

Rick has strengthened his association with research industry pioneer Optimization Group to develop and deliver Skuuber to make your marketing and investment decisions smarter, stronger, faster and affordable for any sized business.

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Jeff is the founder of Optimization Group and the chief architect of the IdeaLoopz process. He has held research and senior marketing positions on both marketer and agency sides. Jeff's career has been notable for his efforts in making marketing measurably effective. His work has been widely published in prestigious professional journals, and as a contributor to several textbooks.

Jeff's professional career has included time at General Mills, Campbell’s Soup and J. Walter Thompson. He has been an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Wayne State University in Detroit. A former professional musician, Jeff will share road stories if prompted.


Sue Shannon is a certified “Skuuber Driver” leading our Business Development initiatives. She has been involved in brand marketing and consumer research for over 18 years, after starting her career with Nabisco, and then moving to San Francisco to work for the Nestle Beverage Company. Combining her numerous years developing new products for Nabisco and Nestle, Sue then continued her new products work for CPG clients while at the Center for Culinary Development (CCD). Besides new business development and account management at CCD, Sue has also done considerable moderating of consumer focus groups, as well as facilitating Ideation sessions.

Sue’s expertise has been focused on identifying consumer trends and creating products, programs and businesses to leverage such trends. A graduate of the University of Queensland (Sue grew up in Australia), and MBA from Wake Forest University, Sue now resides in SoCal with her two young kids.


Renee, one of the founding partners of Optimization Group, is Global Account Director. In this capacity, she works with Skuuber to produce advanced marketing analytics and contributes her expertise to comprehensive product development testing. She has over 20 years experience in advertising and market research.

Her work has been honored by multiple professional associations including three Effie awards from the American Marketing Association and two AME International Awards.