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Test Panels & Methodology

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Going way beyond a just a survey

Research Objective:

The objective of this research and market analysis is to assess the value proposition for a client’s product in order to successfully manage product launch risk and dramatically improve probability of product success.

To accomplish this, Skuuber combines expansive survey results with algorithmic demand modeling and diagnostics to define a client item's market potential.


A Skuuber Study begins with collecting responses to nine questions asked of 500 or 1500 consumer panelists concerning the client’s product and uses this as input to predictive, monetized demand modeling.

Client will provide specific and required details concerning its product and thus populate a standardized Skuuber Product Profile template online in the website.

The Product Profile template automatically creates a series of Consumer Respondent Test Screens visible to client while online.  Client may edit details of Product Profile Screens at any time by adjusting Product Profile Screen details prior to release of the study for fielding.

Skuuber has partnered with Research Now, a leading supplier of consumer research panelists.  This provider will recruit and invite 500 or 1500 consumer panelists (depending upon service level specified) from over 3 million it has available from the US General Population (National Panel) or from client-specified target market population to individually evaluate the client’s product as they complete the Product Test Screens online.

Size of the Panel

Our sample partner (Research Now) has over 3.2 million active members enrolled by various panel recruitment partners as of December 2008. The definition of an Active Panelist is outlined in ISO 26362:2009 for access panels (A member that has participated in at least one survey, or updated his/her profile data, or registered to join the panel, within the last 12 months).

Frequency of Use

In the US, the average panel member qualifies for and participates in approximately five full surveys per year. Its emerging and international panels have lower utilization than in the US.  In addition they use frequency limiters regarding the number of times a panel member may be contacted to participate in a study.

How Panelists Become Members

Research Now uses a “by-invitation-only” methodology to panel building, partnering with a diverse set of globally recognized consumer and business-focused brands such as AIRMILES, Best Buy,® BLOCKBUSTER,® Air France/KLM, Borders,® British Airways, Continental Airlines,® Delta Air Lines,® Hilton HHonors,® Macy’s,® Pizza Hut,® Virgin Atlantic Airways to invite business leaders and everyday consumers into the panel. The individuals who have been invited into our panels have pre-existing relationships with the company that invited them. This recruitment approach has proven to yield the highest level of panel quality and representativeness, and guards against duplication, fraudulent respondents, and professional survey takers.

Research Now employs a double opt-in process. After receiving a personalized e-mail invitation to join the Research Now program, individuals must opt-in and agree to provide truthful and well-considered answers to online market research surveys.   After the first opt-in during the enrollment process, the individual is sent a follow-up e-mail confirmation that requests that he/she click on a link to validate opt-in. After a member has double opted-in, he/she is sent a follow-up e-mail that provides them access to their member account. After completing the double opt-in process, a member is eligible to begin receiving survey invitations.

The average tenure of an Research Now panel member in the US exceeds 3 years, and Research Now retains approximately 85% of its panel members each year.

Quality Assurance

ID Validation is one of the principle aspects of Research Now quality management system, Veracity360™ (patent pending).

Research Now requires a valid and unique e-mail address in order for panelists to receive surveys. Also, physical addresses provided by Research Now panelists in the US are verified against government postal information. In addition, they use third-party ID Validation to validate profiles to ensure members do not give incongruous answers in enrollment (e.g., an 18-year-old physician). It furthers its commitment to identity validation with continual review of member data and analysis of suspicious member profiles to ensure members are who they say they are.

Industry Leader

Research Now is actively involved in working with leading market research industry organizations in developing best practices for conducting online market research. As such, Research Now complies with industry standards published by:

• The Council of American Survey Research Organization (CASRO)
• World Association of Research Professionals (ESOMAR)
• The Marketing Research Association (MRA)

Product Evaluation

Individual consumers will monadically evaluate the client’s product, possibly  in sequence and combination with studies for five unrelated additional items to provide a virtual shopping experience that parallels an in-store experience. Individual studies will be randomized to eliminate order bias.

Results are modeled and analyzed to realistically project monetized consumer trial among fully aware consumers in a current competitive environment.  A proprietary Skuuber Score™ will be assigned to client’s product as a measure of relative strength taking into account trial rates, volume purchased, purchase frequency, dollar volume and benchmark modeling against Skuuber norms.  Detail and diagnostics are provided in a 21 page downloadable Skuuber Report PDF to enable a detailed understanding of results and implications.

Confidentiality/Non Disclosure

All consumer survey respondents agree to keep your product information and data confidential as a condition of their participation in the survey. 

By their participation in the survey, respondents agree to keep all information about the survey and its contents completely confidential. They will neither use nor disclose to any other person or any other party any of this information. Further they agree not to attempt to copy, print or download any of this information.

They also agree that this information will remain the sole property of the client, for whom this survey is being conducted, as will their responses to the survey questions, including any ideas or suggestions that may be contained in their responses.


Product Profile:  A set of specific “elements” is provided by client to fully and accurately describe the product with the same information it would provide at retail, in catalogs or online.

Product Test Screens:  Automatically created by the Product Profile, these are visible test screens that consumer respondent panelists will see and evaluate.

Online Study:  Qualified, opted-in USA General Population consumers are invited via e-mail to participate in an online study of up to six products taken individually and sequentially, and simply indicate their responses and ratings.  Consumers represent four geographic regions covering the United States with statistically significant demographic alignment with the US population and all-outlet channel habits.

Analysis:  Statistical analyses derive the strength of the product and provide detailed diagnostics to assist in efforts to improve the product value proposition including emphasized features/benefits, pricing, ingredients, nutrition facts, package design, demographic strengths and weaknesses and statement of value proposition offered.

Modeling of Skuuber Score™ volume and share potential is a variation of the traditional TARP volumetric model (Trial and Repeat), itself a derivative of Fourt-Woodlock methodology.

Target Marketing:  Skuuber conducts its National Panel research among 500 or 1500 consumers representative of the entire US consumer market and all-outlet shopping behavior.  Because of the large sample size, Skuuber will provide sufficient demographic and geographic detail to both validate your current target marketing strategies while suggesting others that will be of high potential.  You have an option to specify a target market, but the National Panel is recommended as a first pass.

Reporting:  A 21 page final report is uploaded to client account space at

The results become the crucial building blocks for client’s product development and launch planning.

Skuuber National Consumer Panel Summary

The sample will be composed of 500 or 1500 members of the USA General Population meet the following requirements:

· USA General Population
· Statistically aligned with USA population
· Indicate that they or members of their household buy products in the product category
· Opted-in
N=500 or N=1500 service levels