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Consumer Panel Options


You have three panel options:

  • N=500: National panel testing among 500 US GenPop consumers is fully automated and clients can launch a study in 15 minutes from their Skuuber Account for $2900 complete when they test at least thee items.
    • 95% Confidence Level
    • Representative US Consumer sample (no demographic detail) 

  • N=1500: National panel testing among 1500 US GenPop consumers is fully automated and clients can launch a study in 15 minutes from their Skuuber Account for $10900 complete.
    • 99% Confidence Level
    • US and Regional demographic detail


  • Custom target market panels require that you contact us for a quote and additional instructions.  

>>>>Recommendation:  Consider a National Panel as a first pass to certify overall market demand.  You can use a custom panel  afterwards to refine your item and its demographic and geographic  focus.


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