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Line Extensions


The same or different?

Line extensions are a fast and proven way to extend an existing brand into new varieties, sizes, flavors and configurations. 

By leveraging an existing brand asset, line extensions can work to improve brand reach and equity and are often far easier to launch into the trade and promote to consumers vs. an altogether new brand.  That's why they're so common.

However, not all line extensions are created equally.

There is danger in launching items that leverage an existing brand only to confuse and diminish the value of that brand. This is apt to happen when the line extension is a very different product and/or for different a market. 

While consumers seem willing try an endless variety of cola variants marketed as Coke®, it is unclear that they'd be as willing to try a Coke-branded orange, grape or root beer.  Many will agree that the once iconic Jeep® brand has lost much of its value when it began offering badge-engineered Dodge and Chrysler vehicles with no offroad capabilities.

Skuuber can help you decide whether to launch a new item as a line extension or as a new brand.  It's easy and fast to test the options and you can easily see the differences.