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Brand Positioning & Repositioning

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What the mind's eye sees.

Are these dogs? Pets? Companions? Nuisances? Is each a brand or are both? Is color important? Which is preferred? 

Brand positioning is the unique space that a brand occupies in the consumer's mind.  It is the summation of brand values determined by an individual's need, familarity, experience and beliefs about the brand.

Positioning a brand is derivative of its functional capabilities, emotional cues and sensory/tactical experiences.  It becomes the difference between a simple trademark and a brand.

Uniqueness & Value

Successful brands occupy positionings that are heavily comprised of uniqueness and value.  Unsuccessful brands lack one or the other, sometimes both.

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Skubber allows you to easily test alternative positionings (value propositions) among your own items and as compared to your leading competitors.  Perceptions of uniqueness and value, along with attribute ratings, are key components of every Skuuber Report.