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Why Skuuber?

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Launch a complete consumer product study from your PC in less than 15 minutes and have your results back in days, not months. 

  • Accelerate product launches 
  • Optimize product features & manage risk
  • Validate consumer target and channel marketing strategies
  • Identify new customers and new consumers



Gain a complete understanding of product potential from 500-1500 consumers combined with sophisticated demand modeling and performance diagnostics

•  Combine the Voice of the Consumer (VOC) with  sophisticated modeling algorithms to truly understand your product’s potential and risk. 
•  500-1500 online consumers carefully evaluate your product 
•  Predictive modeling delivers key performance metrics and diagnostic insights


Far more powerful and robust than any other method

  • Large sample size for at least 95% confidence level
  • Detailed demographic target market options
  • Optional N=1500 panel for regional detail and 99% CL findings 
  • Uses survey data as an input with extensive predictive modeling, not just a survey itself
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Replaces multiple methodologies



Save Time & Money 



Safe & Secure 

  • Your account transactions and data  protected by a secure, dedicated server with 128 bit encryption and password protection



  • Pay by invoice, credit card or with a PayPal account