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Your Skuuber Score™

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Your Magic Number

How high is up?

Your Skuuber Score™ is a powerful indication of net initial monetized retail sales potential for your product.

It is based upon a combination of survey research and predictive modeling using our proprietary algorithms.

A Skuuber Score™ of 837, in this example, means that the potential exists for an initial $837 of net retail dollar sales of your product for every 1000 US consumers. It is essentially a monetized value of initial trial volume estimates based upon refined survey results and algorithmic performance modeling.  Keep in mind that this is an indication of potential and not a sales forecast as such. 

Actual, in-market performance is the result of distribution, merchandising, consumer awareness, actual trial and consumer satisfaction, competitive activity, marketing and promotion plans and a host of similar variables.

Things that affect a Skuuber Score™ include the following:

· Uniqueness and value 
· Real world refinement of trial estimates 
· Category size and usage
· Pricing and sizing

Products that compete in large, frequently purchased categories will tend towards high Skuuber Scores, while specialty items in small or seasonal categories will score lower. Therefore, overall category usage is an important consideration in determining the potential of a new business opportunity.

Skuuber Scores have ranged from 255 - 1258; from niche players to products with true blockbuster potential.

How will your items perform?  Are your investments sized according to market potential?

Making consumers fully aware of your product and achieving meaningful distribution to them is an enormous challenge.  It is assumed that your product lives up to expectations and that it will generate repeat purchases from those trying it.  It takes a lot of work and investment for products to become successful and to reach their potential.

Your Skuuber Score™ is an indication of your potential reward for those efforts …the higher the score, the better.