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News you can actually use.

Results of consumer testing and alorithmic demand modeling with performance diagnostics are provided in a 21 page, downloadable Skuuber Report prepared just for your SKU. 

The report is easy to understand and includes key take-aways and action items for each finding reported.

Contents include:

Your Skuuber Score

Recap of Methodogy & Sample used

Review of your submitted Product Profile

Review of questions asked

Detailed findings and projected results

  • Category usage
  • Maximum trial rate
  • Average units & volume per purchase
  • Incremental vs. replacement purchasing
  • Purchase drivers & inhibitors
  • Uniqueness ratings
  • Value assessments
  • Price elasticity of demand
  • Channel preferences
  • Capacity to contribute incremental category volume
  • Demographic target market options (N=1500 option)  Read more >
  • Summary & Conclusions