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Seasonal Promotions & Merchandising



Timing is everything...

The retail calendar for most merchants is divided into a series of essential merchandising seasons and events.

Major seasonal events include:

  • HOLIDAY SEASON:  Thanksgiving through New Year's Day
  • MOMS, DADS & GRADS: Mother's Day, Graduations, Father's Day
  • BACK TO SCHOOL: July-September
  • HALLOWEEN: October

Other key merchandising events include:

  • JULY 4th

Vendors are divided into two camps: the Haves & Have-nots.  Either your most signifiicant Skus are included in these major retail initiatives or they are not.

Only the most compelling skus get an allocation of scarce retail resources like ads, displays, features. To get included, you must make the case for how your items are special; why consumers will want to buy during these events; why your items are better than others and back your quest with special promotions and incremental investment.

To accomplish this, you need consumer insight and market analysis of your sku and its seasonal value proposition.  Only then can you effectively participate and profit.

Retail planning lead times are long.  Retailers finalize their seasonal plans 5-6 months in advance of retail dates.

Skuuber turnaround times are fast and you can test and improve your plans right up to commitment dates to make them as fresh and realistic as possible.