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Product Profile:  A set of specific “elements” is provided by client to fully and accurately describe the product with the same information it would provide at retail.  Clients will populate this themselves or have Skuuber do it for them for an additional fee.

Product Test Screens:  Automatically created by the Product Profile, these are visible test screens that consumer respondent panelists will see and evaluate.

Total US National Panel Consumer Feedback:   Skuuber market analysis is conducted with 500 or 1500 qualified, opted-in consumers provided by our supplier partner Research Now and are drawn from the USA general population are invited via e-mail to participate in an online study.  Consumers represent  statistically significant demographic alignment with the US population and all-outlet channel habits. These are their answers to the nine questions asked about your product and they serve as inputs to both our algorithmic modeling and survey results reporting alike. Read more >

Custom Target Market Feedback:  contact us to specify your target market and qualification specifications if different from the US consumer population as a whole.  We will be happy to quote a custom research proposal for you.

Algorithmic Modeling:  Statistical analyses define the strength of the product demand to provide detailed diagnostics to assist in efforts to improve the product value proposition including emphasized features/benefits, pricing, ingredients, nutrition facts, package design, demographic strengths and weaknesses (N=1500 option) and statement of value proposition offered.

Skuuber Report: A 21 page final report is uploaded to client account space at and represents the combined results of your work and ours.

Timing: Report delivery times may vary according to day of week, holidays and study queue formation, but expected turnaround time is 7-10 days from launch date.

Questions?  Just give us a call at 877-823-7758