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Pinpoint your best opportunties to reach success quickly


Want to know who & where your best consumers are?

If you select our N=1500 option, a HotSpot Chart like this will be provided in your Skuuber Report allowing you to see---at a glance---where your best and worst target market opportunities exist for trial relative to your national average

This is critical information for planning a launch.

Unless you focus, you'll waste enormous resources and still miss your best opportunities.

How to use it

Areas indicated in green represent trial intent >20% above your national average and are your lowest hanging fruit.

Areas in red represent trial intent >20% below your national average and are a bit more of an uphill climb. 

Areas in white are essentially in-line with national averages.

  • Use the demographic insight to better focus your advertising and other ways of communicating your value proposition to the targets of most interest.  You may find that your original target market is completely validated.  You may also discover that better or strong secondary opportunities exist.