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Convenient Billing

Billing is easy and convenient.

Skuuber will invoice you for launch fees prior to fielding via the email address provided.  Once paid, your study will launch immediately.

  • By using your PayPal account, Skuuber accepts your VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express credit card and PayPal direct payments through PayPal's secure server.  This ensures the fastest possible turnaround time. 
  • Should you prefer to mail your payment, your launch will be held pending receipt.

All online payments, credit card and PayPal direct, are authorized and processed by PayPal and your credit card information is kept secure.

Skuuber does not keep any credit card, bank account or billing information. You will refresh your billing instructions each time you launch a new study. Receipts  are instantly provided by email to you at the address you provide.

Contact for details or with special requirements.

Please see both our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for additional information.