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Category Reviews and SKU Rationalization


Serious stuff.

Category reviews are increasing in frequency and intensity.  And for good reason.

The number of new items introduced annually has increased tenfold vs. a decade ago.  But shelf space has not.

Private label brands are gaining significant momentum.  35% of shoppers are trying store brands for the first time and 90% plan to remain loyal once the recession is over.

Unless you can make the case for consumer demand for your product, defend its position vs. leading competitors---and now store brands---and support claims for uniqueness and value, you are at risk.

So how do you do it?

We think the best way (obviously) is to launch a Skuuber Study of your key items, your largest branded competitors' key items and store brand analogs.

Doing so will add the Voice of the Consumer to otherwise backwards-looking scan data, inventory turns, share changes, etc.

A Skuuber Report for each will demonstate strengths, weaknesses and opportunities you can use to protect, defend and grow your brand.

Skuuber is fast, affordable and thoroughly insightful.  If you don't do a Skuuber Study, you better hope that your competition doesn't either.