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Business Plans & Financing



  • Almost 75% of new products are launched with little or no market analysis.  Most of these fail.
  • Nearly 50% of resources dedicated to product development result in failed or disappointing launches.

To build a solid business plan or to secure finanancing you must understand the market for your products as it exists right now.

The market has changed enormously and risks are high.  Take note of the findings from this very recent study of American grocery shoppers:

  • 92% of shoppers have changed shopping behavior since 2008
  • 67% are spending less without feeling a sacrifice
  • 93% will remain frugal and spend at current levels post-recession
  • 48% put off purchase of favorite product until it goes on sale
  • 75% more open to trying private label vs 2008
  • 85% believe store brands as good traditional national brands

(source: Deloitte LLP The 2010 American Pantry Study July 12, 2010)

The heart of any quest for business funding, debt or equity, is a credible business plan and the heart of a business plan is market analysis and understanding.  Skuuber makes it easy and affordable for you to understand and present the market potential for your products, their target markets, channel strategies, pricing options, messaging, positioning and competitive advantages.

We've developed Skuuber just for entrepreneurs and small business customers with a need to know their markets, but without the access to the tools used by major manufacturers that cost at least ten times as much yet deliver essentially the same information.

Let Skuuber help you better manage risk and opportunity.