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About Skuuber


Intelligent Innovation.

Skuuber ® is a newly-formed consumer products consulting firm that provides consumer product developers and investors with a due diligence tool to efficiently evaluate the market potential for new investment opportunities.

Skuubers’s algorithmic models and on-line platform of  500-1500 US consumer respondents across all demographics enables developers and investors to determine the white space for a product, identify its target consumer, optimize the channels of distribution and determine the appropriate price point across all consumer-product verticals.

Because the research and modeling is web-based, the survey itself can be conducted in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost, of big-box consumer research firms, with no sacrifice to the efficacy of the survey results.

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Clients receive a full and a comprehensive report in  7-10  days from launch

·         Certify US market demand at the SKU level

·         Identify white space for market penetration

·         Validate investment thesis on consumer preferences

·         Identify net retail sales potential

·         Optimize price point

·         Identify best Go-to-market channels & target consumers

·         Understand competitive landscape

·         Get full diagnostics and marketing guidance

·         Easy to use and understand

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